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Tim Hughes, Principal

Working with Tim and his team helps put my mind to rest. With all the issues that can come up in a small business, it's good to know they are on top of it in a big way. 

John Norris
Aaron Sims Company

About Tim Hughes and VirBo

Tim Hughes is Principal of Virbo, a virtual bookkeeping and accounting company focusing on professional organizations. Tim has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird (Glendale, AZ) and a BA in Finance from California State University of Fullerton. He gained corporate experience while working for General Motors, Toshiba International and William Morris Agency. He is committed to global transformation for all.  

Why VirBo – I started Virbo because I wanted to help companies transform their relationship to accounting and finance. Many people have a particular financial blueprint that limits them. We at VirBo understand this and work to help our clients create a new paradigm and move beyond their limitations. We do this by discussing the goals and results our clients desire, then create structures to support these goals. Once structures are established, we make sure the books are maintained timely and accurately. We then provide key reports to assist our clients in evaluating current results against original goals.

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"Tim Hughes and Associates have relieved me of the hassle of accounts receivable/ payable and tax reporting - so I can fully concentrate on my practice. They provide excellent service and are trustworthy" John J. Duran, Partner - Duran & Thomas