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Why should I use Virbo for my bookkeeping?  

At Virbo we are experts in providing bookkeeping services to growing companies like yours. We can fill in the holes in your current bookkeeping and help you get more relevant information from your current accounting system.

As an Owner/Manager, will I still be required to supervise the bookkeeping process for my business?  

Once you engage us, you will no longer be required to supervise bookkeeping tasks again. Since we provide these services at such a high level, you can focus all your energy on building your business. What you will benefit from is having financial records to help you make the right decisions to manage and grow your company.

Who will supervise the bookkeeping function for my business?  

Accounting professionals experienced at managing accounting and financial functions will supervise the bookkeeping for your business. If you have a part-time or full-time bookkeeper in-house, we will coordinate our services to streamline and make more efficient their tasks and responsibilities.

Who will perform the year-end financial statement and tax return services for my business?

Since our focus is to increase the quality and timeliness of our clients’ financial information, we work with your existing accounting firm. Therefore, there is no need to change existing relationships. Should you have a need for an outside firm to perform additional services at year end, we can work with you to provide a solution that will meet your needs. Our staff is well trained so that your financial records are in great shape each month of the year, which can provide the benefit of lower year-end accounting fees. Your accountant will be pleased you integrated Virbo into your financial management.

Who works for Virbo?  

Virbo is not a temp firm.  We have a professional staff who are dedicated to making a difference for our clients.

What can I expect from the Virbo personnel?  

You can expect us to maintain a high level of integrity and to develop an honest, personal, long-term relationship with you as our client.

What if my accounting needs fluctuate?  

We are flexible in the services we provide. Should your needs increase, decrease, or change in complexity, we can change along with you. Likely, we’ll be the first to notice when a change might be applicable to your situation — and we will proactively discuss these changes with you.

What about costs?  

Our rates are competitive. When you compare the cost of recruiting, salary, taxes, benefits, and turnover, our costs will normally be lower than expanding your own staff.

How do I know my records are accurate and my data is safe?  

Our team is composed of experienced, well-trained business/finance professionals and well-trained bookkeepers.  We have outstanding security and backup procedures throughout our system.  We take care of the data you have entrusted us with, making it secure and available on demand.


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